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China’s Conspiracy to Hanization of Vietnam


China’s Conspiracy to Hanization of Vietnam

Mr. Ly Ddong A, Chief Secretary of For-the-People Party in his work Chu Tri Luc volume 1 states that according to the history of China, a law was found “Promote Chinese and Destroy non-Chinese”. This principle has been and is being applied by China.

He says that this principle has been carried out clearly through Vietnamese history in which Vietnam has been repeatedly occupied and assimilate effort was made to eradicate our culture and race. And this not only occurs in feudal dynasties of China but to modern China as well.

In 1885, the revolutionary personality Ton Van (Ton Dat Tien, Ton Trung Son) in China advanced an extreme nationalistic jingoistic theory consisting 6 main points:

  1. As “Han race is superior” other races should be assimilated to the Han culture in order to create a unified world through subjugating all surrounding peoples.
  2. These weaker peoples must belong to China in a form of autonomous province or region.
  3. As the patriotic Vietnamese Phan Boi Chau mentioned that Vietnam must drive away the French, Ton Van replied: “There is no need for you do do that, since Vietnam is only a province of China, when we drive away the french then your work will be done.” Not only that, Chiang Kai Shek who inherited the revolutionary movement from Ton Van told some Vietnamese traitors  in 1942-43: “Vietnamese are Chinese, Vietnam must let us do the job (of fighting independence for Vietnam).”
  4.  Chinese Nationalist Party under Chiang Kai Shek instructed their members and people the following: “Vietnam is a colony of China; we must regain all land that we lost, that is Vietnam.”
  5.  The education system under Chiang Kai Shek before being defeated by Mao Tse Tung instructed students at all levels of the above statement.
  6.  In 1940, Chiang Kai Shek created a new ministry called Geopolitics Department which devised a long-run strategy to expand the Chinese race Han in the following regions:

(1)             Manchuria.

(2)             Tibet, Persia.

(3)             Xinjiang Uyghur.  

(4)             India. 

(5)             Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Singapore.

(6)             Indonesia.

(7)             Australia.

(8)             Pacific Islands, Korea.

The strategy to take over Vietnam was undertaken by the Department for Expatriate Chinese is as follows:

(i)                           Being married to Vietnamese women.

(ii)                         Use Vietnamese money.

(iii)                      Stay in Vietnam.

(iv)                       Northern Vietnam is destined to belong to China.

(v)                         Central and Southern Parts of Vietnam will be dominated by expatriate Chinese.

(vi)                       Government under Chiang Kai Shek studied how to turn Vietnam into a province of China, how to cultivate Vietnamese traitors, how to destroy Vietnamese language, how to eliminate the nationalist ideology, how to make Vietnamese to believe that they are Chinese Han, how to resurrect the old Chinese-character Vietnamese language, how to propagate three principles of the people (Independence, freedom, and happiness), how to dominate Vietnam.

The above policy was implemented in Vietnam under both the republic and communist regimes in Vietnam. In both cases, the Chinese business people still dominated the Vietnamese economy, just as they did in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Unfortunately, they failed in Indonesia in 1965-1966 when the Indonesian army massacred from 500,000 to 3 million Chinese as a reaction against their support for the communists in Indonesia. 

As for Vietnam, our history shows a clear trend: China’s desire to conquer Vietnam is unrelenting and will never end. Therefore, there is only one way for us: fight to the last breath to maintain independence from China. Thus the slogan: Vietnam people’s self-determination is our principle of survival. And the Vietnamese people will win in the end as has been shown by our heroic history.


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